Traveling is not just beautiful and pleasurable, but it is a circumstance that none can avoid. Bringing lots of opportunities for fun, amusement & learning, each journey of life teaches us something and brings a change in us that we can cherish for a lifetime. You instantly know that your trip was wasted if you come back feeling like you needed to be free from your vacation. Home sickness is also a sign indicating that your vacation destination was not good enough to engage and you rather stayed at home and saved that fortune you spend on the idea of having fun.

Have you ever thought that this journey could give you a lifetime pain due to committing silly mistakes during the trip? What are those mistakes that people often commit and can involve themselves in problems? Explore them.

1.Booking Your Tour Package from Unreliable Source

Travel and tourism sector is filled with several agents who challenges to give cheap flight tickets but can’t fulfill them. Beware of such travel agents who lure people with several offers and discounts. By making the booking with such agencies, you can indulge yourself in big troubles. Therefore, it is highly advisable for the travelers that they book their flights or other travel products from a trustworthy source. Try and book your flights for early morning or late at night. You may just get a significant discount if you travel during these more inconvenient hours. On another note regarding traveling time, don’t forget to ensure that you arrive at the airport early enough. Always call and pre-book to ensure that you don’t miss your flight.

2. Hopping onto the first supposedly best flight and accommodation deal

Most travel portals offer packages and deals to boost their sales as well as to provide passengers an optimized airfare. One of the most overlooked but extremely important parts of internet booking is keeping a check on the browsing history. People might not be careful when going through the sites and they might choose a randomly and later regret since they didn’t get the value for their money. With internet reaching to the global population on a much larger scale, most of the booking is done via travel websites. You can check out sites like Expedia, Skycanner and etc for great deals!

All these factors, when employed simultaneously can help to save the cost of travel expenses. However, all these are essentially a part of a major trial-and-error. Sometimes, these methods can lead to cheaper charges and at other times, they may not. However, it has been observed that no matter whatever the circumstances, following these can ensure that passengers are not paying a hefty amount.

3. Failure to plan for your tour

Traveling is somewhat people usually do more than times. Whether it is business trip or to enjoy holidays, traveling to a destination is necessary. Most of the people do it via choosing different techniques and sometimes also blame to their service provider about the services they received, and they were not the worth they have paid for. To come out from the situation of getting cheated, again and again, it is necessary to plan your trip properly. Planning a trip is also necessary because it not only prevents from unwanted hazards, but it also works as a money saver. So you can do it via using various techniques like reading reviews of the peoples about their travel experiences, about the place, the money you need to invest and finally time that you will spend into the particular place.

If you are a businessman and travel to your job for most places, then it is necessary to bring things in a well-planned way to make it enjoyable. Make good travel plans and leave a copy of this route with a friend or family member at home. You do not have to plan every minute of your time, but you should have a rough idea of what you are going to do and when.

4.Not prioritizing your medical supplies

You should be carrying adequate supplies so you can self-treat common traveler ailments, such as cuts, grazes, and burns. Your wounds are more susceptible to infection if you are traveling areas with poor sanitation or where there is a lot of dust. Wounds should be cleaned immediately, covered and if any signs of infection develop you should seek urgent medical help.


Even if you are ultra careful and manage to avoid any dangerous situation, accidents can still happen and you can still fall ill. You might get hit by a dangerous driver, twist your ankle playing football, or just catch a good old fashioned stomach bug. Ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance from¬† that will adequately cover you if you get sick or injured. Don’t miss out any pre-existing medical conditions, because even minor conditions can invalidate your claim if they were not disclosed beforehand.

Make sure your insurance covers you for all the activities you wish to experience on your travels and includes cover for medical evacuation, personal injury and terrorist activity. A frightening statistic is that only 60% of insurance policies cover terrorism, so make sure you read the small print and have adequate cover.

5. Not knowing the climate of your intended destination

To spend the best vacation, consider the weather conditions. Long-term predictions have become pretty accurate, and you can search for almost any destination on the globe. Unpredictable weather can turn a holiday into a nightmare.

Make sure you wear the right clothing that suits the climate, be aware of the weather in the days before packing. News stations and the Internet are useful to know the weather conditions of the place you are visiting. You can also contact someone you travel to and watch them for their local weather reports.

If you are taking a flight, train or bus to get to your destination, you will need to specify which policies apply to delayed flights based on the weather. If the weather conditions are uncertain before leaving the terminal, you must first call. It makes no sense to sit at home instead of comfortably if the transport is imprisoned for several hours or has been canceled because of the weather.

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