People often have selective perception that causes them to pile on their credit card debt. To help Singaporeans get out of the large debts, one could opt for a debt consolidation plan. In social psychological terms, this cognitive bias is called the anchoring-effect. We tend to rely too heavily on one part of the info that’s offered in the beginning… Continue Reading
Saving money is always a smart thought, but when the economy gets ugly, or your own financial circumstance faces a mishap, sparing could have a major effect. Cutting expenses could mean the difference between contracting a liquidation legal counselor or to consider stop abandonment. If you have worries about your funds, it might be a great opportunity to take a… Continue Reading
When you live in Singapore, you probably have problems with rising cost of living or limited job. But that’s not the whole picture. The big part is also a need for instant gratification. That explains why people of Singapore always seem broke, no matter how money they make every day. And why is that? There is always the eternal struggle… Continue Reading